Our Story

The Goodgrief App is the social network for loss. Finally there’s a network where grieving people can privately connect, chat, and support each other in finding a new normal. It’s available on iOS, Android and the web.

Co-founders Kim and Robynne know first hand that grief is hard. All too often people are left to navigate the emotional rollercoaster alone. Finding others who personally understand loss makes all the difference.

The app was inspired and grew from a unique texting friendship between Kim and Robynne over their own personal grief. About 1.5 years ago Kim and Robynne were connected through a friend of the man Kim had lost. Both Kim and Robynne were going through their own respective heartache due to loss. Kim lost her partner suddenly and unexpectedly. Meanwhile, Robynne was saying a slow goodbye to her mother because of metastatic breast cancer and also became a single mother.

There were commonalities they shared that centered around grief: pain, sadness, anger, frustration, loneliness, isolation, humor and a strong need to forge something beautiful out of it all. They started texting about life and love and loss and meaning and kids and family. Kim lives in Huntington, NY and Robynne in Decatur, GA. They became a “lifeboat of support” for each other. At some point, they said “we should create this for others!” And so they have – a digital space for others to find comfort, support and understanding.

Goodgrief works by putting you in touch with others who lost their spouse, parent, sibling, child, relative, or friend due to a variety of causes. Create a private profile by answering questions related to your loss. Then, connect to other people through one-on-one in-app texting and photo sharing. Your private information is never seen publicly and chats are private and secure. Additional filters narrow your connections by age, gender, religion, time frame, and type and cause of loss, so you can find others like you. Start chatting today. If you or someone you know needs this app spread the word. You are not alone.