The Road of Life

~Kim Libertini

The road of life is treacherous. The unanticipated twists and turns are difficult to handle.  There are so many unpredictable variables that fold into the journey. It is bumpy and can be very unstable.  For those of us who have experienced head on collisions on this road, it becomes difficult to put ourselves back behind the wheel. 

     Our self confidence decreases substantially with each incident. We find ourselves constantly questioning and acting with hesitancy.  We pump the brakes on a regular basis out of extreme caution.  The truth is, navigating the road of life is a risk.  As humans we are vulnerable.  The load we carry from grief and loss can often weigh us down. The more we realize what could happen the scarier it can be.  There is so much left to chance and so much to lose. 

Some days, I think in my short travels I have crashed far more than most.  Yet, as much as I want to brace myself for impact, somehow I manage to keep my foot on the gas.  I would be lying if I said that it is easy.  But I also know that if I don’t get in the driver seat, I am missing out on the beauty along the road of life.  

     My experiences have taught me that my travels can lead to deep connections, happiness and heartfelt love. Maybe I am headstrong and hellbent that this journey has what I am looking for.  I am not a quitter. I know I am a survivor. So with determination, I will keep putting myself back on the road. I will buckle up and make steep adjustments on the hairpin turns. But I will remain hopeful that if I can manage the treacherous roads,around the bend what I am looking for will cross paths with me.  

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