Welcoming Care

I live in a part of the South where summer break ends as August begins. So last week my kids returned to the classroom and then returned home with a cold. I have it too. It’s not the lay in bed all day kind of cold. More the stuffy head and dripping nose kind. Yesterday, I busted out a bunch of work until mid-afternoon. That’s when my eyelids started feeling as heavy as my head. I need a nap, I thought. I thought about how rest is best when we’re sick, and that’s what I tell my kids. I thought about how my body was suddenly demanding that I lay down and close my eyes.  

Then all the reasons I shouldn’t take a nap started chattering around my brain. Didn’t I need to get more work done? Was I was being lazy? The list went on. All the while my nose was dripping and I kept sneezing. Then I started thinking about how it’s sometimes easier to offer care to others than welcome it ourselves. So, I climbed into bed. Welcomed my own tender, love and care. Then took a nap.

Sometimes the largest impediment to self-care is our own self. I say that not to blame or shame or add an additional burden to something already difficult. I say it as a gentle reminder to permit ourselves to receive, and even welcome, the kinds of TLC we frequently dole out as friends, parents, partners or grandparents. You’re worth it.

With love, Robynne

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