I Talk Aloud to My Dead Mom.

My mother is dead. She’s been gone for almost three years now, and yet, I still speak to her. Aloud.

My lone voice greets the air with a “Hey, mom,” when her presence feels particularly strong. Or an “I love you,” after her memory springs vivid. Her spirit lives in and around me and so our conversation continues on a new subtle level. I find it comforting in many ways.

I have a feeling this is more common than I realize. Does anyone else speak to their dead loved ones?

I’d love to hear from you.


2 thoughts on “I Talk Aloud to My Dead Mom.

  1. Yes. I speak to my sister. There is a button on my car visor that says “Cancer sucks”. Sometimes it rattles. When it does, I touch it and say hello . I feel like it is her spirit checking in. It’s comforting.


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