Mother’s Day Permission Slip

Oh boy, Mother’s Day is approaching. This holiday can be a doozy. While it allows some people to bask in the warm glow of love, family and lineage, for many others, especially those who have lost a mother, child or spouse, the day feels hard and painful. That’s why it’s time to rewrite Mother’s Day.

So let’s step back from the hubbub of this fraught day. Shoo away all the “shoulds” “supposed to’s” and “musts.” And give yourself permission to reclaim Mother’s Day so that it also tends to your bruised, beating hearts. All you need is a pen…and a Mother’s Day Permission Slip. [Click here for your slipMOTHER’S DAY PERMISSION SLIP]

Here’s the nifty thing about permission slips. They allow us to safely travel to new places. That’s where the Mother’s Day Permission Slip comes in handy. Think of it as license to write your own story. Society didn’t include a footnote in the holiday’s fine print that provides the broken-hearted ways to heal or find reprieve on Mother’s Day. But, you can.

Maybe you want permission to stay in bed all day with Netflix. Totally allowed. Write it. Perhaps you need permission to treat yourself as tenderly as your mom did when you were a sick kid? Or permission to congratulate yourself on your small and large accomplishments even though your mother didn’t recognize a single one. That would feel good. Write it. Perhaps you need permission to fully feel how hard it is to move forward after losing your child. Write it. Or maybe you need permission to forego Mother’s Day altogether by naming it “Other’s Day.” Hey, why not? Write it.

You get the idea. Whatever it is you need, give yourself permission. Write. Sign it. Now Mother’s Day belongs to you too.


Name: Robynne Boyd

Location: Decatur, GA

Reason: Because I’m a mom who lost her mom

Date: May 10, 2018

I, Robynne Boyd, give myself permission on this Mothers Day, May 12, 2018, to have a dance party with my boys on Sunday morning while playing the Beatles, my mom’s favorite band. Tears are welcome. So is laughter.

Signature: Robynne Boyd



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