Tiny Joys

Today, I’m giving thanks for tiny joys. All too often, it’s the unmistakable joys – the ones that leave us grinning from ear-to-ear – that receive all the fanfare. But not, today. Today, these microscopic pleasures get their moment in the sun and praises sang. 

Because it’s tiny joys that get us through the day. They’re the small delights that creep past like a ninja if we’re not paying attention. Such as the morning’s first sip of hot coffee (best. thing. ever). Or, flying through one green light after another on the drive to work. How about unexpectedly running into a friend while accomplishing the daily marathon of tasks? Or your favorite rock anthem playing over the radio at just the right time. Cracking open a new book. Or climbing between clean sheets at the day’s end. 

These microscopic moments offer a pause in time to appreciate the here and now. It’s truly a practice in stopping to smell the roses. What’s even cooler is we can actively insert more tiny joys into life. One of these for me has been “magic fingers,” a fancy name for layering sparkly gold nail polish over a ballerina pink. My fingers shine when I type. They shine when I shake hands. They shine when I’m “talking” with my hands. The polish gives me an absurd amount of glee. 

I would love to know what tiny joys you adore? Please share!


P.S. Photo courtesy of Preslie Hirsch of heypresliephotography.com

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