I Miss

~Kim Libertini

There are some people that always ask the big questions.  On this night, as we chatted into the late hours, sipping wine and reflecting on life, she asked,”What do you miss most about him?” I paused. I thought.  
I miss …..

that moment when he walked in the door at the end of a day and said, “Hey, baby..I’m home. How was your day?”

forehead kisses. 

the sound of his laugh.

intellectual debates on interesting topics.


his ability to calm me when my emotions were high. 

the way he’d look at me from across the room as if to say, “I’m so glad your mine.”

my travel partner.

the smell of his cologne.

pillow talk.

his love for my cooking.

watching baseball together.

his passion for music. 

the sound of his voice as he’d sing to me.

morning coffee conversations

that feeling in my heart as he embraced me.

knowing that we were doing this life together.  

While this isn’t the entire list, I long for each of these and the absence of them certainly becomes a catalyst for loneliness.  As we approach the four year anniversary of his death, I can honestly say I continue to miss him every single day. Life certainly hasn’t been the same since he left.  This list is the reminder that the people we love matter long after they are gone. 

One thought on “I Miss

  1. I just survived the 3rd year of My Dave’s passing….I miss him every second of everyday. My list is very much the same as yours, I miss everything about us. To remember him this year and every year forward I am going to focus on his life and not his death…..I have so many beautiful memories and I that is what helps me through the dark times. I thank God everyday for the blessing I call My Davie….


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