Rough Times Can Make You Smoother

The rain came and went in a burst, and yet the creek remained high and frothing from the summer downpour. The normally clear water where people tube all summer long had turned brown and churning. Stuck in the middle of the gushing river was a large rock with water swirling around and over its smooth surface.

The moment seemed like a metaphor for life: the rapids are here to make you smoother. Or maybe it’s more precise to say the rough times CAN make you smoother.

I want this for us. I want this for every person who has ever plunged to the depth of despair. I want us to struggle to the surface once again and emerge with something worth carrying. Perhaps you now carry untold strength, survival, depth or empathy.

What have you carried to the surface? Please share your new subtle superpowers in the comments.

~Robynne Boyd, Goodgrief App Co-Founder

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