The Hard Holidays Are Nigh

The holidays are upon us and let’s be honest they are HARD. Songs jingle about the happiest time of year, commercials display large jolly families around the dinner table, and yet, you may not be feeling so happy. It can be hard to find yourself in these Norman Rockwell moments when you’re grappling with grief.

I’ve tried to convince myself that the holidays are like any other days, but failed. I failed because the expectations are so high. I failed because my family changed shape and size. It’s smaller now. I failed because the holidays remind me of precious moments with people who aren’t here. I failed because silent night takes on new meaning when your home is too quiet.

If you’re one of the outsiders bracing against the bounty of parties and cheer, you’re in good company. Let’s recognize that these holidays are not going to look like ones you’ve experienced before. It’s okay to hold onto some traditions while discarding others. The holidays can change along with you. And then let’s just go easy on ourselves, okay?

Kim Libertini has some great advice on, “Jow to Cope with Christmas Depression.” Take some tips from her, like exercising each morning to keep the endorphins up, or finding a quiet, soothing place for time to yourself. has given some really good advice on how to handle the holidays. Or reach out to a friend for an emotional dump. Of course, there’s always the Goodgrief app where you can find your community of support throughout the holiday season, and beyond.

Warmest wishes,




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