The Yearly Word



~Kim Libertini

My divorce battle was taking its toll.  I found myself reeling in the process. One morning, a news story centered on a book titled Just One Word ,by Mike Ashcroft and Rachel Olsen,  explained this concept of avoiding new year resolutions which can be easily be broken and then prevent growth. “Choose a single word, for clarity and focus, and move toward the future rather than swearing off the past,” they said. This resonated with me.  

And so it began.

Each year since 2013,  I haven’t made resolutions. Instead, I have chosen a word that would shape my approach to life for that year and hopefully carry into successive years to make me a better person.

2013- After filing for divorce , RECOVER: return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength

2014- REVEL: get great pleasure from a situation or experience

2015: At the height of my relationship with my soulmate, VENTURE: dare, be/make so bold as, take the liberty of, go out on a limb

2016 : After my world was shattered from the devastating loss of my partner, REDEFINE: reexamine or re-evaluate with view to change

2017: After setting my son, who was struggling, on the comeback trail and climbing back from the grief abyss, EMBRACE: accept or support ( a belief, theory or change) willingly and enthusiastically

2018: INSPIRE: fill someone with the urge to do or feel something; to encourage others with confidence to pursue an idea or action.

As I live out the remainder of  2018, I’m reflecting on how each word I’ve chosen has served as a pillar, became motivation, provided strength and cumulatively shaped the person I am today.  I’m currently searching for the word I’ll live by in 2019. This is my path. I’m traveling my way. I wish each of you peace, happiness and strength as you navigate this holiday season and enter the new year. May you find your word.    


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