Rest Is Best

Hanging on my office wall is a hand-written proclamation from a dear friend, “As the amount of sh*t increases so must the level of nurturing you need.”

It’s a cheeky and brightly illustrated reminder that life is hard. The problems and tasks feel relentless, at times. Holding it all together is exhausting. And, a little self-care goes a long way.

Taking a moment for oneself may be last on your mind. It may even feel like another task to accomplish. Even so, rest can work wonders for the body and soul when you’re physically sick, or heartsick, or just sick and tired of the uphill haul.

So, take a nap. Breathe deeply. Watch a movie. Do any little thing that gives you a break. You deserve it. Sometimes, rest is best.

~Robynne Boyd

(photo courtesy of @all_who_wander)


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