Keeping Time

~Kim Libertini Our life is measured in time from the moment time note’s our birth arrival. I’ve been unfair to time with my expectations of how it should behave constantly oscillating between extremes. Speed up through the work week. Slow down through the weekend. Stop during a moment so I can breathe it in for … Continue reading Keeping Time

Most nights of the week, I tuck my kids into bed, fall asleep for a few minutes next to at least one of them, and then awake to a quiet home. A medley of feelings follows the silence…sweetness, relief and the blues. Sweetness because these boys are my heart. I want to breathe them in … Continue reading

Tree and Me

“Are you crying?” asked Ollie, my four-year-old. “Yes, my sweet boy,” I whispered attempting to control my voice. We had been hiking uphill for about 30 minutes and were approaching our destination: one large ponderosa pine growing just off the trail. A deep feeling of missing surfaced the closer we got. For two decades now, … Continue reading Tree and Me

The Heart Yearns for Love

Let’s talk about love. Love, sweet love. Because how can we talk about grief without naming what came first? Love is what got us into this whole mess. It will help lead us out. Love is the cause and the cure, and the warm-beating heart of our humanity no matter what form it takes. There’s … Continue reading The Heart Yearns for Love

Love Is Thicker Than Blood

This is a photo of Charles William Slaughter taken at his birthday party a couple of nights ago. He's the tall one, and he turned 0! Charles is our adopted grandpa. Over the last five years, he became a fixture for ice-cream outings, gardening projects, porch sitting, cartoon binge-watching, and Christmas mornings. Last night we … Continue reading Love Is Thicker Than Blood

Golden Scars

The gloom had been brewing since the veterinarian called earlier in the day, but it descended with the sunset. That morning, I had dropped my cat Boots off at the animal clinic after a particularly bad fight with the neighborhood Tomcat. "Boots has fleas," said the vet over the phone, pausing as her words found … Continue reading Golden Scars

Mother’s Day Permission Slip

Oh boy, Mother’s Day is approaching. This holiday can be a doozy. While it allows some people to bask in the warm glow of love, family and lineage, for many others, especially those who have lost a mother, child or spouse, the day feels hard and painful. That's why it’s time to rewrite Mother’s Day. … Continue reading Mother’s Day Permission Slip

It Gets Better

I was standing outside of the local coffee shop on a warm summer’s day when my cell phone rang. A familiar voice traveled the radio waves from Colorado to Georgia, “I think it’s time for you to come back here,” said Beth, my mom’s hospice nurse. My plan that morning had been to work. Order … Continue reading It Gets Better

Just One

You are not alone. There are people who get your grief. It may feel otherwise. Trust me, I’ve been there. It takes one person to change this. Just one. One understanding individual to reach out and say, “I hear you.” For me, that person was Kim. Kim became a rock when grief swirled and eddied … Continue reading Just One